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everybody, scramble!
August 28, 2008, 11:58 am
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the city of toronto is putting the pedestrian first. in a unique show of respect and support, the city began allow pedestrian scrambles on it’s busiest downtown intersection – yonge and dundas. read up on the news coverage here.

pedestrian scrambles allow pedestrians at all corners of the intersection to to cross in any direction — side to side, or corner to corner for close to 30 seconds while vehicle traffic comes to a complete standstill. pedestrians are also allowed to cross in the conventional way, in the same direction as traffic, when vehicles are using the intersection.

this gesture is a great move on the city’s part. they’re making it know that pedestrians and number one in this town and that the car is loosing it’s longstanding position at the top of the pedestal.

vancouver and other cities in the country really need to start thinking small in their plans to put pedestrians first. sure, large scale supporting infrastructure is important and required but the little things like this are those acts that really make us, the pedestrian, feel safe, important and respected.