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next stop … pepsi. pepsi station.
April 24, 2008, 9:30 am
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the TTC is considering renaming subway stations after corporate sponsors in order to garner some much needed money. has it come to this? absolutely inappropriate and ridiculous. the province should just step in and declare the TTC an essential service already and make the bleeding stop.


bringing back the delivery truck
April 21, 2008, 2:55 pm
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walmart in downtown toronto? the idea is not really taking off. not a surprise, really, considering the proposal is calling for a mass of at-grade parking and a structure set well back from the entrance of eastern avenue, effectively making pedestrian access a real bitch.

but what if walmart and smartcentres, the daddy of suburban-style development in the GTA and ontario, were to change their design scheme? urban critic christopher hume discusses this question in his column this week for the toronto star. sure, he talks about pedestrian access. appropriate architecture too. but here’s a throwback … the delivery truck. what if walmart and other large retailers hoping to locate in urban cores were required to offer delivery services in lieu of limited or no parking? it would certainly make buying that fridge or basketball hoop on foot a lot easier. toronto has some examples of this already. the IGA on danforth at pape has zero parking and offers an inexpensive delivery service for customers. home depots also offer a delivery service.

funny how the schemes and initiatives that can help make a community for pedestrian-friendly have all been done before. it’s just a matter of this generation rediscovering them again.